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Submit Certificate:   

Note:  Proof of Event Coverage “must” be received, and submitted

to our office NASHVILLE EVENT by DESIGN at least 14 days prior to your Event Date


1.   A requirement is Personal Liability - Event Insurance with (host Liquor Liability included); with a

      coverage liability of  $1,000,000/$2,000,00 Occur./Agg.

as recommended coverage, and as in the listed

      example here “#1., 1a. and 1b.”



You may add any other additional coverage of your choice, and/or evaluate what your personal needs are.  Our Disclaimer:  RVNA is a preferred and/or a suggested  company that we have followed since the late 90’s, but not a must for your insurance need.  Event insurance is required to cover the liabilities for events which includes host liquor, and host food (without a professional licensed caterer).  A professional ABC insured bartender will be required in addition to the Liability Event Insurance coverage.  Those events serving liquor, and have an excessive under age 21 guest count, will also be required to have on-site Security.  


Note:    Professional Caterers must present their company Certificate of Liability, and our in-house Bartenders

             should be hired for each event hosting liquor.


Average Cost:    Event Insurance price range is estimated to be $65 to $190

Average Cost:    Bartender price range is estimated to be $25 to $50 p/hr with a minimum of 4 hours

                            State Requirement:   One Bartender per 100 guest, and should be ABC licensed/insured

Average Cost:    Security price range is estimated to be $30 to $60 p/hr "if armed" with a minimum of 4 hours


              To Assist You:  We have included two online links for your review, and your convenience.

              1.  RVNA:     underwritten by Firemans’s Fund Insurance Company

              2.  Event Helper:   underwritten By Brinkley


2.   IMPORTANT Note:

  1. You must make sure that you list our company as an “addtional insured” –
    Our "PARENT COMPANY NAME" information should be listed/added as additional insured as stated here
  2. Please call us if you have questions.

    Additional Insured ... Information:

          Nashville Event Design - aka Music Valley Ballroom and Chapel

          2416 Music Valley Drive   .   Suite 115  .  Nashville, TN.  37214

          Phone:   615-562-3535


3.  Event Liability Insurance Educational Information:     

     Three Basic things you should know about Personal Liability Event Insurance:

     a.  Add Additional Insureds to your policy at no additional charge, online 24/7 and print Certificates of Insurance

          instantly with your event site named as the Additional Insured. View Sample Certificate


     b.  Wedsure's Personal Liability includes Host Liquor Liability. This is a key wedding coverage, providing

          protection against bodily injury or property damage suits brought by parties injured as a result of an intoxicated

          guest who was served alcohol at an event you hosted.


     c.  Property Damage Liability is included. Most homeowners insurance policies do not cover property damage

          liability for any property in your care, custody or control, or for any property that is occupied or used, leased or

          rented, by you.


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7.   SPECIAL ENTERTAINMENT INSURANCE for "Vendors and Private Events"

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8.    Personal Liability - Event Insurance Overview:    



9.  FQA's  and Definitions



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11.  Sample Event Liability Insurance Certificate Form

       - note additional insured two boxes from the bottom left.


12.  Sample Online Event Quote Forms 



This page is based on online research, consumer best price shopping 2012-2013, and is for your convenience, and review.  Nashville Events by Design is not a licensed insurance agent.  Nashville Events by Design can not recommend, nor suggest that you select one of these choice companies.  The final decision is yours.  It is your obligation to review, and to check out these companies.  However, Nashville Events by Design can make the statement that many of our clients have used, and do use these above mentioned Event Liability Insurance companies regularly, and successfully.


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