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Questions & Answers

HOW TO:   The Wedding Invitations & Announcements




Q. When should wedding invitations be ordered?

A. Invitations should be ordered when all of the details of the  ceremony and reception have been confirmed.  Information such as the date, time and place of your service and reception, as well as an accurate guest list count are needed when placing your invitation order.  You should order invitations at least three months before the wedding.

Q. When should wedding invitations be mailed?

A. Invitations should be mailed approximately 6 to 8 weeks before the ceremony.


Q. Are any special arrangements made for out-of-town guests?

A. It is a good idea to send a “save-the-date card” to your out-of-town guests.  This card is usually sent three to four months before the  wedding.  This is the first news your guests have of the wedding.  It typically includes information about the wedding and any special accommodations which you have made for them.


Q. What are considered traditional invitations?

A. Traditional invitations are white, ivory, or ecru with a panel or with out a panel.  Traditional invitations can be thermographed or engraved.  Thermographed (raised) printed invitations are less expensive and imitate the look of engraving.


Q. May guests be invited to the reception and not the wedding itself?

A. Yes, if the wedding service is attended only by relatives and close friends.


Q. Are wedding announcements ever sent to anyone who’s been invited to the ceremony or reception?

A. No.  Wedding announcements are only sent to those who were not invited to the ceremony or reception.


Q. Are wedding invitation envelopes addressed formally?

A. Yes, abbreviations should not be used except for Mr., Mrs., Jr. or Dr.


Q. Is it correct to use “and family” When addressing the invitation envelopes?

A. No. Separate invitations should be sent to adult family members living under the same roof, whenever possible. 

For small children, address the outer envelope to their parents and write their first names on the inner envelope under their parent’s names.


Q. What is the purpose of the tissue included with my invitation order?

A. In the past, tissues were used to guard against ink smears.  Today’s printing methods ensure ink is dry before invitations leave the printing plant, so the tissues are no longer needed.  However, many continue to use the tissue as part of their wedding ensemble for aesthetic reasons and for the sake of tradition.


Q. How should the invitation be inserted in the envelopes?

A. The invitation is folded and put in the inner envelope (the smaller envelope) with the folded edge down and the front of the invitation facing the back of the envelope.  The inner envelope is the placed in the outer envelope with the front of the inner envelope facing the back of the outer envelope.


Q. When should announcements be mailed?

A. Announcements should be mailed a day or two after the wedding.





 HOW TO:  Question & Answers  ... The Thank You Notes



Q. Is it necessary to send a thank you note to some one I have thanked in person?

A. It is considered socially correct to always send a written thank you note even if you have thanked someone in person.


Q. When should thank you notes be mailed?

A. A written thank you note should be sent as soon as possible after receiving the gift, normally within

2 to 3 weeks of receipt.


Q. Is there a tactful way of thanking someone for a monetary gift?

A. When writing a thank you note for money, it is not necessary or advisable to mention the amount. 

Instead, refer to it as “your generous gift,” or something similar; mention how you plan to use the money,

whether to purchase an appliance or to use it in some other way.