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 Event Professional Up-Lighting Enhancement




Event Lighting . Ceiling & Wall Draping



Nashville - Special Events


Lighting . Ceiling Draping and/or Wall Back Drop



Let us take care of you ... Nashville Events by Design

Planning an event can be difficult, but we can relieve your stress.  Our in-house services included custom décor, production design request, video audio visual and theatrical lighting and draping,  candy buffet dessert bars, preferred vendors and so much more; ensuring you a seamless event experience that is effortless.  Working with a seasoned diversified event specialist.

Atmosphere Conversions ...

Allow us the opportunity to soften the mood of your banquet ballroom to romance, or convert a rustic environment into rustic trendy, or a simple room into vintage retro country couture, a roof top or a nature environment to modern beach breezy, or give us a theme and let us bring Hawaii to Nashville, or create a Country Music Hall of Fame theme behind the confined walls of the Convention Center.  It doesn't matter to whether you're a Family Reunion, a Wedding Couple, or a Corporate Account. 

It’s your call, we just make it happen.




Professional Lighting . Gobo Initial Slogan . Projected Image Name Slogan . Table Lighting . Event Furniture





Friday, May 18, 2012, was a huge success because of Jackie with Nashville Events by Design. they made our day special and the decor was just right. Thank you Nashville Events by Design for putting such a genuine effort that money couldn't pay for.

Daniel and Toya Kadebs

Wall and Ceiling Draping

     Welcome to the Nashville Events by Design Draping Department ... !

Drape a Tent and/or Create a Cabana

add an Event Chandelier for Lite Sparkle

Creating a Social Cocktail area with Trendy Cocktail Social Furniture,

or go larger with the tent and have a Grand Reception




Nashville Events by Design at work

Draping Video (sample's) ... Event Directing and Decor Setup



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